About Us

Who are we?
To say that we adore Mid-Century design would be a understatement. We are your best source for Mid-Century, Modern and Eclectic furniture, art, lighting and decorating to enhance the beauty of your home.

Our friendly service, attention to detail and endless design customization are just a few reasons Redux Stage Co. is the key to sell your home.

With a shared passion for design and architecture, Blaine Siler and Camila Baum team to provide a truly unique service accentuating the aesthetic of your home to rapidly generate interest and maximize offers. From furniture to flowers, artwork to accents, we do what it takes to show your home in the best possible light while creating an atmosphere that leaves everything to a prospective buyer’s imagination.

What areas do we service?
We operate in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

What do we offer?
We offer both full and partial staging.

Why is staging important in a seller’s market?
Think of each showing of your home as a job interview. No matter how many interviews you have, you don’t start showing up in shorts and flip-flops. Your home deserves to put its’ best foot forward, just as you would. Whether you expect to weigh several offers, or you’re desperately seeking a hard-to-find match, your results will always be the best when you put presentation first.